Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Tenderloin Piece

Taught me a lot about people, working relationships, and myself. An uphill battle to get in done and published, but it's done. If nothing else, I hope this story demonstrates my potential. If given the proper resources, I want to do this and more.
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Love & Addiction - Xpress Magazine, December 2006

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rob00712 said...

This is a moving article here. As a catalyst for the community, I look out for, highly upon, and forward to segments, reports and articles such as this. I believe, the way its done here in short, presents the problem and possible causes is definately what we need more of. I understand from a journalistic point of view, it is important not to be bias. But I do believe it goes way beyond just presenting the problem and only saying that it exists.

nikki said...

i have to agree with rob on this one. it is important to make people aware of the problem, but one of the reasons i ended up abandoning a career in journalism was because there was much more emphasis on the revealing of the problem than there was on revealing a solution (or at the very least, the probabilities of a solution).

for me, the journalism profession straddles that fence between empowerment and exploitation and i see way too many times when it falls to the side of exploitation.

all that said, this was a well done piece.