Thursday, October 05, 2006

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Stylin’ and Profilin’ Like a University President Should

Story by
Aaron Morrison

So, the Westfield San Francisco opened downtown. Whoopteedoo!

Another reason for staunchly materialistic people to pretend as if they didn’t just spend this month’s electric bill money on Juicy Couture. Another reason for broke students to become broker. Another reason, or rather excuse, for President Robert Corrigan to perhaps style and profile for his political friends.

Mayor Gavin Newsom was there. And that “Shriver lady” showed up. But what was Corrigan really doing there? The extension of San Francisco State University at the Westfield doesn’t open until early next year.

But why pontificate when you can walk right up and ask him?

Corrigan happened to be sitting down on cheesy, retro mall furniture enclosed by red velvet rope. That rope separated the “common folk” from the wealthy public figures, Westfield executives, and “FTE” reporters who were invited to take part in the inclusive yet exclusive opening ceremony.

Corrigan sat, legs crossed, studying a note card as if he was preparing to speak during the ceremony. And he didn’t. Was there a particular new development regarding the extension of the university? Corrigan said there wasn’t, also admitting that the walls had not yet been put up where the extension is to be housed.

Realizing where this line of questioning was going, Corrigan began rambling about the Westfield and how it’s an Australian company, blah blah blah. This effectively turned off any desire to entertain further conversation. However, one can’t leave empty handed from such a rare encounter with the university president.

Many students often admit that they don’t even know what the president looks like. Our estranged president is arguably the least social university president in the California State University system. But it’s clear he’s social enough to rub shoulders with the “important folk.”

Fret not, friends. This is our president at the mall, taken with a digital camera, paparazzo style! Enjoy.

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